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25 Deer Hill N
Standish, ME, 04084
United States


Drakes is about introducing new and innovative ideas to the automotive world.

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Terms & Conditions

Parts are sold as "FOR OFFROAD USE ONLY".

DRAKES is not responsible for any damage caused by install or use of parts sold on this web store.

By purchasing parts, you agree to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS listed here.


If your part has a normal use failure, please contact me via email- and I will arrange for the part to be shipped back, inspected and either replaced, repaired or you will be given store credit. This applies to any DRAKES part over the lifetime of the part, applicable to the original purchaser only. Failure to contact DRAKES or pursuing other methods of reimbursement; to include but not limited to denigrating DRAKES via social outreach, you void entitlement of warranty per the Terms and Conditions listed here.


  • Shipping

  • Refund/Exchange

  • Store/Privacy

  • Other


DRAKES Ships worldwide, and tries to provide the most accurate and up to date shipping details. If you do not receive shipping information when your item ships, please contact for tracking and estimated delivery.

How long does it take you to ship: 
We generally ship items within 24-48 hours if it is in stock. Keep in mind each part is HAND FINISHED, and if I am not pleased with the outcome I may start over from scratch until I am happy with the part.

That Being said, I am just 1 dude and demand has gone up considerably! I am trying to keep prices the same. that means shipping times have increased from 1-2 weeks, to 2-4 weeks on complex or large parts. The Clusters and Meterhoods have the longest lead times because these take the longest to make. eventually I will have meterhoods in stock. please be patient when ordering these items. Please do not email me daily asking for updates, this not only rushes me and wastes valuable time, but it could result in me shipping a part prematurely as I think you value simply getting the part over having the best work I can do.

If we have to customize your order then it can take up to an additional week depending on item or customization. Commissions are typically 1 Month from conception to fulfillment, complex changes and designs can vary depending on time of year and workload. please be willing to be flexible and patient if engaging in a change or commission! We will typically work through messages and I can give you a rough estimate on when I think I will be able to take on the work. Because some people postpone paying for commissions or invoices, sometimes this can drastically effect my workload. I do my best to stay up front with you, so any specific questions please let me know.

**A Tracking number or order fulfilled email does not necessarily mean I have “shipped” your order. This could mean I have generated the slip to help me during high volume times, track your order and put a part to a name **

What carrier/method do you us?
USPS First Class or Priority and UPS Ground



Do you accept Returns?
DRAKES Strives to provide the best experience possible, Parts are warranty for life on non wear items. Warranty covers damage from normal use or manufacturing defect. Store Credit or replacement parts will be determined on a case by case basis, after the part has been sent back for determination. please reach out to me if you have any issues or concerns at any point.

I appreciate everyone’s patience, but if you are unable to wait for your part to be made, you may chose to cancel your order. within 7 days, if your standard order has not shipped you may request a refund minus 5% processing fee

After 8 Days, If I have not provided you with tracking you may request a refund and there will be a 15% restocking fee. If you have received tracking the fee will be 20%.

There are no refunds after the part has shipped, and there are no returns on modified or commission items. If you have questions and feel you are entitled to a refund please contact

I am open to working with anyone with a legitimate complaint.

Customers are responsible for additional shipping costs and there is no refund on shipping.



What Payments do you accept?
We accept most credit and debit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club via Stripe or Paypal on the web store page.

For large or custom orders please contact 




No, all our products are priced so we can stay in business. If you like what you see support us so we can continue to support the communities with new parts!

How do I apply for a Sponsorship?
Unfortunately we do not offer any sponsorship’s at this time. But, If you would like to be considered for future sponsorship, you can submit a proper sponsorship proposal and we will keep it on file in the event we are looking to provide sponsorship’s.


Can you just sell/give me the Files/models?

If you like what you see, please check out the shop and purchase the product from there. Each and every part you see listed took weeks or months of R&D before perfecting and bringing to market. All designs and rights are held by DRAKES and will not be distributed by outside entities. We understand some people may have the available equipment to recreate some of the products listed, but the parts would not be "DRAKES" or will not have gone through the proper QC. Again, if you like what you see please consider supporting us by purchasing official DRAKES parts from our web store